Leddar® Optical Time-of-Flight Sensing Technology – Advantages and Benefits

The National Optic Institute (INO), located in Quebec City, originally developed the optical time-of-flight sensing technology. LeddarTech further developed and commercialized this novel technology. The optical time-of-flight sensing technology is an innovative technology in the field of optical sensing.

Leddar light processing is a combination of rapid, high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion and sophisticated signal processing. This technology brings the advantages of time-domain processing to optical time-of-flight testing.

This whitepaper will provide an overall explanation of the Leddar optical time-of-flight sensing technology and its benefits over other competitive technologies. It will also detail the architectural options available for sensors equipped with Leddar technology, and the benefits provided by such sensors.


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by LeddarTech Inc.

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