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samX Acoustic Biosensor Integrated with Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

Biosensor technology developer, SAW Instruments has added to its range of acoustic biosensors with the samX acoustic biosensor, which was revealed at the MipTec Conference being held at Basel, Switzerland. samX features eight channels for analysis and adaptable routing that adds flexibility to the workflow options.


It integrates SAW’s proprietary surface acoustic wave technology that allows samX to detect protein conformational and mass binding changes on entire cell structures. Unlike other detection platforms, sam acoustic biosensors can investigate living cells in real-time without external complex labelling methods, thus accelerating the analysis process and providing useful insights.

The samX biosensor consists of two sensor chips for advanced application and a total of eight channels which allows for simultaneous sample processing. By integrating complex fluidics, each channel can be used with sequential combinations of 1X8, 2x4 or 4x2 channels or used independently, thus optimizing user workflow. It enables on-line immobilization of different ligands which is a time-saving approach for determining the quantity of protein at the surface of the sensor chip, thus providing reliable and accurate results.

The MD of SAW, Dr Markus Perpeet stated that the samX biosensor system increases its accuracy and speed and can be customized by the user based on the needs. Furthermore, the samX aids in advanced assay design and is an ideal solution for quickly determining kinetics data and binding constants for ligands.

SAW will demonstrate the samX at MipTech along with a poster presentation titled Binding Kinetics of Therapeutic Antibodies to Native Proteins on Living Cells on 22nd September, 2011.


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