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Method to View Data from dataTaker Dataloggers in Excel

CAS Dataloggers has provided detailed instructions for viewing the data downloaded from dataTaker dataloggers in Excel format.

dataTaker Dataloggers

In order to download the data in the dataTaker dataloggers, a connection to the dEX web server has to take place. For this, the IP address provided on the data logger’s display has to be entered in a computer’s browser. This establishes the connection and allows downloading. Now the button designated for monitoring the logger has to be clicked on, which will lead to the main window. This screen contains a ‘Retrieve Data’ button, which provides options for retrieval.

Three buttons offer the choice of retrieving - complete data, the incremental data that has been acquired after the previous download, and the specific data within a particular range. After specifying the range, the data can be retrieved in .CSV or .DBD formats. While the .CSV format can be read by users, the .DBD format cannot be read. They are stored in the required location in the format: logger’s serial number_CONFIG_year/month/day/time.dbd (or .csv).

Next, the Excel application has to be opened followed by the data file. The timestamp column has to be formatted in the style of: “m/d/yyyy hh:mm:ss_0”, where “:ss_0” specifies seconds or fractions. The next column –B provides the time zone. The data commences from column C.

When the datalogger is setup for multiple schedules, the data from the first schedule will go into the A column first, followed by the data from the second schedule, and so on. This data may not be displayed in the chronological order. For listing the data in time order, the data in the column can be sorted using the ‘Sort’ button in the ‘Data’ tab.


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