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Lockheed Martin to Deliver GyroLink for U.S. Army's R-VOSS Program

The U.S. Army awarded a $21.4 M-worth contract to Lockheed Martin. Under this contract, the company will deliver commercial GyroLink system to support the Remote - Vehicle Optics Sensor System (R-VOSS) program.

GyroLink offers a real-time full motion video network for effective video transmission through military vehicles located at specific distances. By deploying monitors within their vehicles via GyroLink, the members of route-clearance patrol can view the imagery wirelessly from other VOSS-equipped vehicles. GyroLink caters to critical operational requirement, allowing more improved situational awareness within route-clearance patrols, through which warfighters can instantly and efficiently predict potential dangers and create rapid time-critical targets.

Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems facility in Sarasota, Florida will accommodate the manufacturing operation of this innovative equipment. Its installation on MRAP vehicles will start during July 2012.

According to Director and General Manager in Lockheed Martin's Gyrocam Systems business, Jay Pitman, GyroLink is a plug-in system that is being fielded as a configurable component of Gyrocam Systems equipment. It can be efficiently used as VOSS on military vehicles. The operational efficiency of GyroLink with all the formerly fielded Gyrocam VOSS units makes it a cost-effective and rapid solution for providing situational awareness across the force.

GyroLink has been commercially marketed for private security, news media, and law enforcement and provides commercial off-the-shelf technology for the R-VOSS program.

Lockheed Martin is a well-established company that designs, develops and integrates advanced electro-optical/infrared systems. So far, it has supplied over 8,500 targeting, surveillance and navigation sensors to the U.S. military and its subsidiaries.


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