Tradeshow Talks with Irida Labs - IoT Tech 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Irida LabsBooth 482

Please introduce your company.

Our company, Irida Labs, is based in a based in Greece, in Patras. The purpose of this company is to bring the computer visual machine learning to any mobile device.

Why are you exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo?

Because we want to show people how our deep learning neural networks work, and how we can bring this to your mobile. You can find examples of our work on our website:

What are the applications of your products?

The application depends on the customer's problem and what they want to detect. Whatever this is, we can bring our own network to detect the desired component. We are all about figuring out problems of customers.

What do you hope to gain from the IoT Tech Expo?

We hope to meet potential customers and learn more about the space. We also did a talk as part of the conference yesterday, so we hope that will raise awareness of our company and what we do.

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