Tradeshow Talks with Innovative Sensor Technology - Sensors Expo & Conference 2018

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Can you give a brief overview of Innovative Sensor Technology?

Innovative Sensor Technology is one of the globally leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors. We offer sensor components in five different categories: Temperature, Flow, Humidity, Conductivity and Biosensors. In addition to development and manufacturing of standard sensors, our highly-qualified technical teams offer consulting and R&D capabilities to tailor sensor components, with the goal to provide state of the art and innovative sensing performance in a wide range of applications.

Why are you attending Sensors Expo 2018?

Sensors Expo is a platform to meet new customers and current customers in the market. Further we take advantage of this event to set up meetings and talk together with our customers onsite about application specific solution and try to solve technical challenges. In fact, we go beyond the regular advertisement practise and bring R&D staff onsite to consult our existing and potential customers.

What products are you highlighting this year?

This year, together with all our standard products for temperature, flow, humidity and conductivity, we would like to highlight our glucose and lactate, glutamine and glutamate biosensors as well as our new digital temperature module DigI2Cels.

What features make these products stand out?

Our biosensors such as the B.LV5 sensor are designed for continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate and also glutamine and glutamate with a life time of up to 99 days. The B.LV5 is a flow through cell with medical industry typical connectors. We offer a test kit which allows a fast and easy communication and test data analysis with a personal computer.

DigI2Cels is a sensing product with an on-board platinum RTD sensor and a digital signal converter with high resolution I2C output. Operating range -90°C to +85°C and +/- 100 mK full scale accuracy makes the sensor ready for precision cryogenic as well as HVAC wireless applications and more.

What gives IST a competitive edge over any one else in your space?

We are structured to provide a high flexibility in the design of our products. We consult to provide innovation starting with the sensor components and its materials. We quickly then can turnaround from the consulting and theory phase and transfer this to our own microchips fabrication. We can deliver initial sample quantities as well as ramp up to high volume production in house up to hundreds of thousands of custom sensors per week. We always collaborating with a broad network of partners, including mems institutes and universities.

Which industries will benefit most from your products?

Being a sensor component supplier, we are at the beginning of the sensor systems food chain and cover therefore a very vast range of industries and applications. Our sensors are found in measuring instruments for various applications such as process control, HVAC, test and measurement equipment’s and metrology, aerospace and medical, automotive and consumer appliances.

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