Tradeshow Talks with Sensirion Inc. – Sensors Expo 2018

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Tell us about the company and why you are attending Sensors Expo 2018.

Sensirion AG, headquartered in Staefa, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems. Our product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure sensors and environmental sensors for the measurement of humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5).

An international network with sales offices in the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea supplies international customers with standard and custom sensor system solutions for a vast range of applications. Sensirion sensors can commonly be found in the medical, industrial and automotive sectors, analytical instruments, consumer goods and HVAC products.

One of the hallmark features of Sensirion products is the use of its patented CMOSens® Technology, which permits intelligent system integration of the sensor element, logic, calibration data and a digital interface on a single chip. Sensirion's credentials as a reliable supplier are underscored by its loyal customers, quality reputation (ISO/TS 16949) and top customer pedigree.

What products are you highlighting at Sensors Expo 2018?

At Sensors Expo 2018 Sensirion is highlighting its environmental sensors, especially the SGP metal-oxide gas sensor platform as well as the CO2 & RH/T sensor module SCD30.

What makes this product different from anything else on the market?

SGP is Sensirion’s most innovative product to-date in 2018. The newest version is the SGPC3, a digital ultra-low power gas sensor designed for mobile and battery-driven indoor air quality applications. Sensirion’s CMOSens® technology offers a complete sensor system on a single chip featuring a digital I2C interface, a temperature-controlled micro-hotplate and a preprocessed indoor air quality signal.

The sensing element features an unmatched robustness against contamination by siloxanes present in real-world applications enabling a unique long-term stability and low drift. The very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package and its ultra-low power consumption make the SGPC3 perfectly suited for mobile and wearable applications.

Which industries will benefit from this product?

Every application in which accurate air quality measurements are required, will benefit from Sensirion’s SGP sensor platform. The sensors are suitable for various applications such as air conditioners, air purifiers, smart home and IoT devices as well as mobile phones and wearables and have been designed to make devices smarter, increase energy efficiency, improve comfort and well-being.


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