Tradeshow Talks with DunAn Sensing at Sensors Expo

Tradeshow Talks with DunAn Sensing

Can you tell us about DunAn Sensing and why you are at Sensors Expo?

We’re DunAn Sensing. Our vision is to provide sensor solutions for everyday life. And our mission is to lead the development manufacturing of reliable, accurate, and affordable sensors that contribute to the success of our customers.

We have coined a word called DURAsense and what that means is we package stuff so that we get accuracy, reliability, and affordability. And that's what is in the core MDS devices, it's the MEMS DURAsense Core.

Some of the product line-up we have is for the HVAC market, refrigeration market, heat pumps, compressors, hydraulics. We also do industrial for all sorts of applications; again, air pressures, process control, tank levels. We also have full production capability in not only San Jose, California, but also Hangzhou, China, where we do millions of sensors over there.

We have full R&D capabilities here in San Jose. We design and develop everything here and then we transfer the stuff over to China.

We do 100% testing on every device we make and calibrate it with a digital compensation with an ASIC. This gives us real good flexibility in configurations. What we have is a core that will provide the MEMS DURAsense Core and then also a ceramic diaphragm core. That's the two different types. This one goes up to much higher pressures. This one is limited at about 750, others go up to 3,000 PSI; much higher.

Some of the different types of applications the core will go into is handheld devices, pumps where you don't have a whole lot of room, valves, other kinds of pumps. This makes it much easier for the OEM.

This is our first generation of products that we had. We build everything up with a fitting and a connector. And then we will screw that into the test fixture. And test it, which causes a lot of mass and a lot of big size. So the new one, we put a fitting on it, an electrical connector on it, after we've built the core, so it's much easier to put in. And here's a concept here. You can put it any core into any fitting, any connector, and end up with what you want.

The reason we did the core is because that's what our customers wanted and we listen to our customers. And they wanted the small size, they wanted affordability, reliability, and be able to embed it into stuff.

So do you think that small size is what makes your products unique?

It's one of the things. This is the only one on the market right now like this. Nobody else is doing it. They have MEMS but they take and put stainless steel around it, with oil-fill. You know, it works, but it introduces inaccuracies. And the biggest thing is it drives the cost way up.

With our packaging, the unique thing that we have is the affordability, the accuracy, and the reliability. We can do harsh medias where other people can't do that without putting a stainless steel diaphragm in front of it. So that's where we gain the biggest advantage.

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