Data Loggers and their Aerospace Applications

aerospace and data loggers

Years before a spacecraft or aircraft takes flight, it experiences rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and safety. To achieve complete confidence, the military and the aerospace industry depends on multiple monitoring applications to detect susceptibilities within the system that could cause disastrous failure.

Data Loggers Monitor Endless Applications

Since each component of an aircraft plays a role in its successful operation, it is essential to monitor key parameters during aircraft testing and research studies. Even slight fluctuations in vibration, pressure, voltage and temperature can possibly introduce the threat for errors, or even disaster. Data loggers are capable of monitoring endless applications and hence critical for obtaining a complete environmental profile and validation of proper performance.

MadgeTech Shock101-EB Data Logger

It is crucial to monitor physical parameters during research and development, as well as while the aircraft is in-flight. The unexpected acceleration of an onboard mechanical system can cause vibration and shock, which can damage the cargo, vehicle, and components. The MadgeTech Shock101-EB data logger offers tri-axial monitoring during the recording of peak acceleration values. This compact device is perfect for long-term deployments, thanks to its prolong battery life. The UltraShock-EB is also available with prolonged battery life. It is a multipurpose solution for monitoring shock, as well as humidity and temperature!

Pressure can be dangerous for humans when it comes to operating at high altitude. The human body can only manage 5 PSI before it starts experiencing side effects or probably fatality; the human fatality rate reaches 100% at 20 PSI. The PRTC110 data logger monitors the temperature and pressure conditions humans are exposed to during in-flight. This product is usually employed for measuring body temperature and oxygen pressure levels to prevent health complications.


MadgeTech data loggers are employed by NASA for research and monitoring purposes in the Earth’s orbit and on the ground. RHTemp101A humidity and temperature data loggers were used at the Kennedy Space Station to achieve an environmental profile of the Vehicle Assembly Building to observe whether the building was appropriate to house a Space Launch System. Cryo-Temp ultra-low temperature data logger from MadgeTech has been at the International Space Station, where very few people have been. There, the Cryo-Temp helps with the experiments by tracking the temperature of biospecimen samples maintained well below freezing temperatures to maintain quality.

MadgeTech can provide an ideal solution for customers’ unique monitoring requirements.

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