Data Loggers for Ultra Low Temperatures

In the fields of toxicology and infectious diseases, Abbott, previously called Alere Scarborough, is a world renowned production device company based in Scarborough, Maine. With over 125 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Abbott has contributed greatly to the development of healthcare environments as a worldwide, customer-oriented business.


ELISA plates, iNAT (Molecular) and Lateral Flow Devices are a part of Abbott’s product range, and have health related applications in infectious diseases such as Strep, Legionella, influenza, Filariasis, HIV and Malaria. These products contribute tremendously to successfully treating diseases like these. One significant challenge involved with the production of these products is keeping a large amount of the components needed to make them at a specific temperature that must not vary by a certain degree.


Kristen Welch, an Abbott employee who works as a Quality Assurance specialist has confirmed the use of MadgeTech data loggers to carry out validations on a range of products. Some of the products that undergo this process are coolers, incubators and freezers, which are able to sustain temperatures as low as -80 °F. The requirements of the validation are individual to every application, this means that Abbott have their own validation criteria which they adhere to when evaluating the performance of a device. For example, to monitor 80 °F temperature functionality, the company uses one Cryo-Temp data logger and places it on every shelf for a certain length of time.

In order to collect temperatures in their facilities, the company uses the RFRHTemp2000A Wireless Humidity and Temperature Data Logger, which is equipped with an acoustic and visual (LED light) alarm that alerts the employees if the temperature readings are outside the threshold specified. In addition to this the MadgeTech’s PRHTemp101A Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature Recorder to monitor their product components is also used. This tiny battery powered technology is capable of collecting more than 13,000 readings and can be controlled from a computer, allowing the collection of data to be rapid and simple. Validation and dependable data analysis of Abbott’s products is made easy and efficient with the use of their data loggers. As a result of MadgeTech’s extensive line of loggers, Abbott has the ability to monitor their storage facilities that hold their product components in great detail.

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