Application Scenarios of Different LiDAR Sensors

CE30-A Warehouse AGV Application

Warehouse AGV obstacle avoidance:

In order to identify and send the orientation information of the obstacle to the AGV, the CE30-A is installed at the AGV’s front. Once processing is complete, the AGV performs either obstacle avoidance or early warning.

CE30-A Outdoor Patrol Robot Application

An outdoor patrol robot’s obstacle avoidance:

Obstacles can be identified by the CE30-A, which is installed at the front of an outdoor patrol robot. The CE30-A can avoid the issue of misjudging black vehicles, which is common with a 2D laser scanner.

CE30-C Warehouse AGV Application

Following a sorting robot’s obstacle avoidance:

In order to aid the visual equipment at locating and following workers, a CE30-C is fitted at the front of an intelligent sorting robot. In order to identify shelf bars, walls, and other such obstacles, another CE30-C is installed at the front of the chassis.

CE30-D Electronic Patrol Drone Application

An electric patrol drone’s obstacle avoidance:

Equipped with a CE30-D, the electronic patrol drone can process point-cloud analysis in order to avoid obstacles such as dense vegetation or wind-power equipment. The CE30-D assists the drone in accomplishing the patrol task as it helps it overcome the negative impact of a complex environment.

TF02/TF03 Drone Application

Fixed-point jettisoning/ Aided landing/ Obstacle avoidance:

Fitted in different areas of the drone, the TF02/TF03 can provide the distance from obstacles or the ground in real time. Consequently, the drone is able to alter its altitude accordingly.

TF02/TF03 Tower Crane Application

Safety pre-warnings for Tower cranes:

A TF02/TF03 fitted to the side of the crane lifting hook is able to detect distances to the building or the ground. It is then able to immediately sound an alarm in order to make sure the hook remains at a safe distance.

TF02/TF03 Intelligent Charging Application

Intelligent Charging:

The traditional raster sensor system which is used to separate vehicles can be replaced by the TF02/TF03, which features a dynamic weighing system. It is able to detect every vehicle which passes its position in a timely fashion when it is fitted on one side of a road, looking towards oblique roads at a specific angle. During the process of a car driving in and out of a booth, vehicles can be weighed by the TF02/TF03, as it is able to alter its measuring distance in order to cooperate with the dynamic system.

TF02/TF03 Traffic Flow Statistics Application

Traffic flow statistics:

The TF02/TF03 can be installed on top of highway signposts. Traffic flow information is able to be provided, as the TF02/TF03 detects changes in distance while vehicles pass beneath it. Additionally, the timings of vehicles entering and leaving the LiDAR area can be measured quickly and accurately by the TF02/TF03. The adaptive algorithm was researched and developed specifically in order to improve traffic flow data accuracy to 99% in a high-noise, outdoor environment.

TF02/T03 Level Indicator Application

Material monitoring:

The TF02/TF03 is able to monitor the distance from the top of a feed tank to feedstuff in real time, when it is fitted on the top of the feed tank. This allows it to deliver feedback regarding the materials which remain, as well as producing an alarm which prevents insufficient material levels.

In order to meet this special requirement, the TF02-C is specially designed in order to keep the LiDAR away from dust. As it is able to automatically clean-up dust, cleaning costs are reduced and the product is kept away from dust. Consequently, this product has established a strong reputation both abroad and domestically.

TF02/TF03 Intelligent Car Parking Application

The detection of remaining parking lots:

If it is fitted to the guide rail of current lighting systems on the top of a parking corridor, the TF02/TF03 is able to monitor the distance to the parking lot with the use of LiDAR in real time. A vehicle is deemed to be present if the distance is smaller than when measuring the value of an empty parking lot. As one guide rail is connected using LiDAR, indicator, and controller, it is effective at saving overall costs and minimizing the reconstruction fee.

TF03 Automotive Collision Avoidance Application

Automotive collision avoidance:

A TF03 installed near the license plate or automotive cooling grill is able to detect the distance to obstacles ahead, or other vehicles. If the distance from the obstacle or another car is lower than what is deemed to be the ‘safe range’, a warning sound, light, or vibration is emitted by the anti-collision system. It is even possible for it to cooperate with the brake system in order to avoid collisions.

TF03 Trigger Photo Application

Trigger photo:

It is possible to install a TF03 at the top of a freeway lane and connect a camera to it, in order to obtain high-speed images which are captured accurately. Importantly, it is easy for the TF03 to deal with the detection of high-speed traffic, as it has a special traffic detection algorithm as well as other designs.

TFmini/TFmini Plus Robot Application

Falling prevention:

If a robot is equipped with the TFmini/TFmini Plus, it can be made aware of early-warnings intelligently. For instance, sideways and forward detection is enabled by the installation of the TFmini/TFmini Plus at the front of the bodywork. The robot automatically adjusts its posture in order to avoid falling over when it meets steps, deep pits, obstacles, and other such scenarios which are within its detecting range.

TFmini/TFmini Plus Application in Elevator

Projection in elevators:

It is possible to integrate the TFmini/TFmini Plus into a projection device which can be mounted on the opposite side of an elevator door inside the elevator. When the elevator door closes, the advertising video can be projected automatically onto the door. If the elevator door opens, the video will automatically cease playing. The elevator switch can be monitored in real time by the TFmini/TFmini Plus, in order to guarantee that the video advertising is projected accurately.

TFmini/TFmini Plus Application in Liquidometer

Milk liquidometer:

When installed on the top of a milk storage tank, the TFmini/TFmini Plus is able to detect inside the tank. If the milk level reaches the maximum capacity of the tank, a command which stops the supply is automatically sent according to the customer’s setting. This system reduces waste which is caused by the spillage of liquid and saves manpower as a result of automation testing.

TFmini/TFmini Plus Application Intelligent Barrier Gate Application

Intelligent barrier gate:

When fitted to the front of a barrier gate, the TFmini/TFmini Plus is able to trigger the falling or lifting of the rail by detecting variations in distance between the gate and the head of the vehicle. The costs of installation and maintenance are relatively low when compared with traditional geomagnetic coils. Passers-by can be detected so that injuries are avoided.

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