Using Sensors to Manage Fluid in Medical Applications

As a globally renowned manufacturer, Gems creates and builds a large range of superior and dependable fluidic systems and components. Gems utilizes real-time industry and customer reviews to drive its manufacturing and quality strategy. After installation, Gems’ products maintain high performance in some of the world’s most rugged environments.

In the present day, there are Gems units in the field that have suffered no decline in their original performance even though they have been in operation for decades. Gems can offer engineered and customized fluidic solutions, integrated sub-assemblies and systems more effectively in the industry by utilizing its wide base of intellectual property and engineering experience.

Gems unite a special range of intelligent sensors, exceptionally efficient manufacturing equipment and ISO regulated quality processes to significantly benefit efficiency, yield, and quality.

The art of fluid handling starts with rigorous discipline, evidenced methodology, and sound science which are at the core of Gems’ knowledge base. A far-reaching catalogue of flow, level, and pressure sensors are provided by Gems, in addition to miniature solenoid valves, all available through an international distribution and sales network.

Each year, over four million sensors are shipped annually from Gems’ three fully-equipped ISO certified manufacturing sites, located in Asia (ISO: 9001), North America (ISO: 13485), and Europe (ISO: 9001).

Gems has been a level sensing expert since 1955 with the largest range of material compatibility in the industry, offering reliable, and durable performance.

Medical Lasers: Helping Lasers Stay Cool

To reduce the risks of overheating and the machine shutting down, Gems’ flow switches predict the least possible flow of liquids in the laser’s cooling loop. There is also a Gems valves control coolant in the handheld laser wand. Gems’ products analyze and direct gases, water, dialysate, cleaning solutions, air, and coolant.

The business offers laser products such as the simple to maintain and compact FS-500 flow switch, where the shuttle and bonnet can be removed while leaving the pipework and housing intact for convenient operations. The FS-380P flow switch makes sure that the laser generator is receiving enough cooling to stop overheating and machine shut down.

Gems supplies high calibre components at an affordable price. The company’s engineers continue to design products used in laser treatments for tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, vascular treatment, and hair removal.

Surgical Systems: Accurate at Low Pressure and Low Temperature

Particularly in systems for low-pressure cryogenic ablation, Gems’ valves are employed to vent low-pressure liquid nitrogen and control delivery in cryosurgical equipment. In addition, Gems’ pressure transducers consistently track liquid nitrogen supply tanks. Gem’s valves can actuate at extremely high speeds, up to 2,500 actuations per minute, and show repeatable performance for intricate vitrectomy procedures.

Gems A, B, and D Series Valves are able to control delivery and vent low pressure liquid nitrogen. This hardy two and three-way miniature solenoid series is created with a stainless-steel body to protect against corrosion from the majority of acids, harsh environments, and alkaline solutions.

Gems 2200 Series Pressure Transducer features CVD sensing technology, modular packaging, and an ASIC (amplified units) to bring a sensor line that can easily accommodate special requirements without sacrificing high performance.

In Vitro Diagnostics: Industry’s Smallest Continuous Level Sensors

Among the most compact continuous level transmitters globally, Gems XM/XT-300 Series Level Transmitters gives the customer greater design flexibility.

Gems’ reliable line of pressure, level, and flow valves and sensors are a key component to several refined and high-volume diagnostic machines. Gems Level sensors measure and track all fluids ranging from detergents, waste, DI water, and buffers.

As a complete line of compact, polysulfone liquid level sensors, the XM/XT-300 Series Continuous Level Transmitters are  perfect for reservoirs and shallow tanks. Versatile and compact, these plastic level sensors allow for a wide selection of float materials and mountings.

Gems line of non-intrusive, non-contact, or contact probe level sensors suit highly complicated aqueous applications. The ultra-low Level Sensor can be used for detecting levels as low as 16 mm from the bottom of the tank. This can be employed as a bulk fluid sensor for mineral oil, diluent, detergents, or DI water.

Analytical Instruments: Solutions for Mass Spectrometry Chromatography and Laboratory Pure Water

Accurate and hard-wearing analytical instruments are essential in achieving accurate data in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Gems’ manufactured fluidic solutions for analytical devices fits the customer’s requirements for time, space, value, and materials.

The B-Cryo Series Valve are compact and have been designed to operate in extreme environments (created for service down to -196 °C). The FS-380 Flow Switch, the one-piece magnetic PPS composite piston, is beneficial in high-pressure applications. This employs 100 micron filtration which is less likely to clog than other high-pressure in line flow switches.

To finish, the 3100/3200 Series Thin Film Pressure Transducers offer an unbeatable price to performance ratio in a compact package size, featuring all-stainless steel wetted parts, a wide choice of pressure and electrical connections, as well as a broad selection of electrical outputs.

From medical lasers to analytical instruments, Gems has hundreds of collective in-house years of engineering experience and decades of sensor customization expertise. Therefore, Gems is uniquely able to provide solutions to the most difficult fluidic management challenges.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Gems Sensors and Controls.

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