Fusing Ultra-Precision Aerostatic Spindles and CNC Machining

CNC Machining is identified by a high level of automation and high material removal rates. Alternatively, although ultra-Precision Machining primarily targets the highest part quality, this is at the expense of reduced automation and productivity.

Levicron’s Ultra-Precise Tool Spindles

However, Levicron’s ultra-precise tool spindles ASD-H25 and ASD-H25A are changing the machining landscape by integrating the features of a regular CNC tool spindle. These spindles, which are wrapped around an ultra-precision and patented aerostatic bearing system, integrate an automated HSK tooling system, tool clamping status monitoring, liquid cooling, a high-res rotary encoder and robustness.

Adopting these features, Levicron’s ASD-H25 permit Ultra-Precision Machine Tools to incorporate an automated tool change and tool setting to augment productivity and machine safety. Embodying a radial spindle stiffness (at spindle nose) of up to 40 N/mic, speed of up to 100.000 rpm and a radial load capacity (at spindle nose) of over 300 N, Levicron’s spindles are not only faster and stronger than all other available aerostatic tool spindles. They also offer excellent thermal stability and spindle dynamics, while also enabling ultra-precise machining at high material removal rates.

AMETEK Precitech Uses Levicron’s Spindle Solutions

After teaming up with Levicron in 2013, AMETEK Precitech  are now utilizing their spindle solutions to implement CNC machining at ultra-precision levels.

  • Stability, Robustness and Precision of Levicron Tool Spindles (ASD-H25, ASD-H25A and ASD-Cx)
  • Opportunities for the Ultra-Precision Machine Market to augment productivity by utilizing spindles from Levicron
  • Opportunities for the CNC Machining Industry to augment productivity, part quality and process stability for small parts by utilizing Levicron’s ASD-H25/A tool spindle
  • Ultra-Precision Machine Tools from AMETEK Precitech are incorporating Levicron Spindles
  • Applications, parts and measurement results

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