Saving Time on Level Sensor Installation

BinMaster’s wireless communication solutions can reduce the complexity and cost of installing your silo inventory management system. Simple to program, compact devices replace wires with over-the-air technology.

A simple point-to-point configuration eliminates the cost and challenge of running wires. For more complex deployments using additional wireless units, wireless repeaters, and base stations, point-to-multipoint systems are scaled easily. Either setup can transmit up to 500 feet indoors or a mile line-of-sight outdoors.

WR-30-TR Wireless Bridge

WR-30-TR Wireless Bridge

The WR-30-TR wireless bridge utilizes two weather-proof units to transmit Modbus®, analog, or discrete data over the air for easy point-to-point communication. A custom point-to-multipoint system can be built using two or more WR-90-TR units in conjunction with a base station for applications that are more complex.

Each base station accommodates up to 16 dual input/output expansion cards to transmit digital, analog, or Modbus® signals to a maximum of 32 WR-90-TR field units. Base stations are created by employing four types of modular input/output cards with a choice of dual analog outputs, dual analog inputs, digital I/O, or dual relays.

To retransmit wireless signals when connectivity is an issue, the user can add the WR-30-RP wireless signal repeater to either a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint system. Repeaters are employed in order to transmit signals over distances exceeding one mile, or to reroute signals around permanent obstacles.

Employed with either the WR-30-TR or WR-90-TR, they are simple to install, requiring only a network ID and power. Any wireless bridge which is in range of the repeater with the same network ID will retransmit through it, enhancing signal strength.


These wireless systems are compatible with guided wave radar, non-contact radar, and laser level sensors from BinMaster. They can be utilized to carry data to a PLC in a control room or to BinView or Binventory software for inventory access on a  tablet, phone, or PC.

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