Maximum Safety and High Performance in Energy Storage Testing

The worldwide trend toward electrification of tools, vehicles and machines produces a massive demand for the development of new products like semiconductors, drives, cabling, energy storage and infrastructure.

Rechargeable lithium-based batteries, energy storage modules or power packs must be approved and certified according to UL and IEC standards and undergo functional testing together with the vehicle or product as a whole.

HBM power meters and data acquisition products are the first choice for gathering reliable measurement data. Whether testing complete drivetrains or big battery packs, these solutions can be used in either a lab or mobile environment.

In addition to safe, high-quality inputs for current, voltage, and temperature measurement, HBM products like the QuantumX and the GEN DAQ eDrive testing solution are freely scalable and solve challenging projects with additional physical parameters such as strain (electrical, optical), weight and digital bus communication via CAN/xCP with a Charging Station or Battery Management System (BMS).

Example Test Cases

  • DC and AC impedance testing
  • Power and energy efficiency analysis
  • Ambient influences (temperature)
  • Long-term measurement for durability or life time analysis (charge and discharge rate, power cycling, fast charge, cycle simulation, self-discharge)

Charging Station Test

  • Battery management system test (overload protection)
  • Electric impedance spectroscopy
  • Overall system test in the complete drivetrain including electric drive and simulated loads (testing of reverse load feedback – regenerative braking, functionality, efficiency, range, power)
  • Dynamic load investigation (current ripple)
  • Fault testing (overload, short-circuit, overheat, mechanical load, defect)

The QuantumX Data Acquisition Solution

The QuantumX data acquisition solution is freely scalable. It can work tethered to a PC in the lab, integrated in real-time or mobile, from a few to hundreds of channels and up to 100 kS/s per channel.

It can control loads via current or digital output, and analyze and record data. All relevant signals can be gathered in parallel and synchronously, in a safe way:

  • Gather strain, force or load data using electrical or optical strain gauges
  • Measure current from mA to hundreds of Amps via current transducers
  • Voltage range from 5 to 1500 V (transient proof)
  • CAN bus signals
  • Temperatures with thermocouple type K, J, T, E, N and 1000 V isolation

The powerful catman software supplies a scripting engine for additional analysis of, for example, efficiency or power for analysis of specific load cases. The raw data that is recorded can be exported in all common data formats such as: EXCEL, ASCII, MDF or MAL.

Testing at High Sample Rates: Genesis High Speed

For high speed investigations on ripple currents and AC impedance tests on any number of channels, modular Genesis High Speed mainframes with plug-in boards supply 1 kV isolated inputs with sample rates up to 2 MS/s. All results can be logged and transferred straight into MATLAB. These include:

  • Current from mA to hundreds of A via current transducers or clamps
  • Temperatures with thermocouple type K, J, T, E, N and 1000 V isolation
  • Voltage range from mV to 1 kV
  • Strain, force or load by electrical strain gauges
  • CAN bus signals

Perception Software Visualizes 10 Gigabytes of Data in 10 Seconds

HBM Perception software is designed for quick and reliable processing of large data volumes. Since is perfectly tailored to the requirements of highly dynamic signals and associated power calculations, it is ideal for high-speed data acquisition.

For measurement this means: flexible real-time display and reliable storage, in addition to immediate review. Saved data can be accessed to zoom in on the data - even while measurements are running and recording continues in the background.

Complete operational security is another benefit of Perception software. It is crucial to use reliable data storage and stable software, especially when tests are difficult to repeat or cannot be repeated.

For example, in aircraft starts or destructive materials testing, a software crash and the resulting data loss would be extremely expensive. Perception high-speed software has been designed especially for these requirements and has been subjected to extensive testing.

A Complete Portfolio of Test and Measurement Solutions

HBK supplies a complete portfolio of technologies which cover the complete test and measurement life cycle over every domain. While DAQs and sensor hardware stay at the heart of their offering, they also supply state-of-the-art data management software and analysis software, in addition to simulation software and hardware.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a developer, HBK can support every stage of the product development and optimization process, including:

  • In-product sensing and in-service monitoring to maximize product quality for OEMs
  • In-line measurement and end-of-line testing for manufacturing control and efficiency
  • Physical and virtual testing for more innovative research and development

Engineers around the globe choose HBM test and measurement solutions to speed up development cycles while maintaining production efficiency and quality.



This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM).

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