The Various Applications of the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor Range

The SprintIR® CO2 sensor range offers straightforward integration into a diverse array of applications. These sensors offer a distinct combination of rapid response rate, power consumption, and durability, making them popular in many industries.

A number of variations of the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor are available, allowing end users to select the most appropriate model to their needs and application.

SprintIR®-W is a high-speed CO2 sensor able to measure up to 100% CO2 concentration. This sensor employs NDIR technology and boasts exceptionally low power requirements.

SprintIR®-6S is a high-speed CO2 sensor designed to measure up to 100% CO2 concentration. This rapid sensor can acquire up to 20 readings per second - offering speeds 6x faster than the SprintIR®-W - and features an optional flow-through adapter.

SprintIR®-R is an exceptionally rapid and accurate sensor, boasting a widely recognized and robust response rate - 2.5x faster than the SprintIR®-6S, able to acquire 50 readings per second.

The SprintIR® range of CO2 sensors represents an ideal solution for battery-powered systems, including wearable, portable and self-powered systems. A range of industries working with IoT, OEM and Smart applications turn to these sensors due to their proven reliability, accuracy and ease of integration.

The capabilities of the SprintIR® range have resulted in large advancements and innovation, displayed in a vast majority of applications throughout the world.

The Various Applications of the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor Range

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

Brewing and Beverage Applications

Brewing and Beverage Applications

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

The brewing and beverage industries provide a number of examples of applications incorporating the SprintIR® CO2 sensor.

In the past year alone, CO2Meter has announced the launch of the CO2 Leak Detector (SAN-13) – an instrument that currently houses the SprintIR®-6S. This particular sensor is ideal for this sector due to its high accuracy and rapid measurement detection response.

Brewing industries are reliant on CO2 safety monitoring tools and CO2 leak detectors to protect employees from potential hazards which stem from their work around inert gases. These risks may also result from exposure to a potential CO2 leak point.

Integration of the SprintIR®-6S affords users in this field highly accurate leak detection combined with a rapid response time – ideal for quickly alerting a worker who has come into contact with above-average CO2 levels.

Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) Applications

Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) Applications

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

Modified atmosphere packaging facilitates extensions in the shelf life of perishable products, including fruits, vegetables and meats. This helps reduce wastage and maximize profits at various points along the supply chain.

MAP is implemented by flushing a combination of gases at varying concentrations into the packaging prior to sealing or enabling the product to alter the gases itself.

It is essential to take regular readings to ensure that the correct levels of CO2 and other gases are present in the packaging. These should be carried out at the beginning and end of production, but it is advisable to implement more regular checks to increase the likelihood of detecting an error.

Speed is of the essence when carrying out these checks – a potential issue on the production line must be detected and addressed quickly.

The SprintIR® range of CO2 sensors offers an ideal solution to this issue due to its capacity to capture 20 readings per second. This high-speed sensor continues to achieve and maintain best-in-class performance in terms of its response times.

Thanks to its compact size and easy integration, a CO2Meter customer is currently using the SprintIR® sensor in a handheld system for MAP quality and production control.

This handheld system can be employed in a number of large-scale food packaging industries worldwide, with SprintIR®’s ease-of-integration offering customers advanced control, speed and accuracy irrespective of their application needs.

Medical and Healthcare Applications

Medical and Healthcare Applications

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

Users in the medical and healthcare fields require gas sensors that are not only accurate but also exceptionally reliable and high speed.

The SprintIR®-R range of high-speed CO2 sensors is therefore ideal for healthcare applications due to its ability to capture 50 readings per second.

SprintIR®-R sensors have seen extensive use in many areas of the medical field, such as respiratory analysis for capnography, metabolic assessments, sport science applications, and supporting the preservation of lifesaving organs.

Agriculture Applications

Agriculture Applications

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

The sensor technology available via the SprintIR® also performs a vital role in a vast array of agricultural and related research applications where measuring and maintaining precise levels of CO2 is key to maximizing plant yields.

Its solid state makes the sensor particularly rugged, allowing it to withstand a range of challenging and harsh climates, while its ultra-fast response time adds continued value for those working in the agriculture business.

Its extremely compact design, rapid response rate and versatility throughout a plethora of industry applications have made the SprintIR® CO2 Sensor a popular and highly recommended choice for users worldwide.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by CO2Meter, Inc.

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