Using CO2Meter Sensors in University Research

CO2Meter has spent a number of years in close collaboration with universities such as Harvard, MIT, Purdue and UC Berkeley. These and many other academic institutions continue to employ the company’s sensor technologies to gather data for academic research, innovation and scientific advances.

Using CO2Meter Sensors in University Research

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

To provide robust, validated and transparent data for these scientific research projects, it is important that researchers employ accurate and precise gas detection and measurement solutions.

Innovative, reliable and consistent gas sensing solutions from CO2Meter have been used in thousands of research applications across a range of disciplines, including incubation, robotics, neuroscience, biology, composting, capnography, indoor air quality and respiratory applications.

SprintIR®-6S 20% CO2 Sensor

SprintIR®-6S 20% CO2 SensorImage Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

A California university was recently awarded a government grant for its work employing SprintIR®-6S 20% CO2 Smart Sensor technology in an advanced brain imaging application that aims to elucidate the structure, function and direct impact of carbon dioxide and cerebral blood flow.

The SprintIR®-6S allowed the researchers to record hyper-accurate data at 20x per second by working in conjunction with the CO2Meter GasLab® data logging software.

These collaborations between academic research and industry will ultimately create accurate and replicable solutions. While it may take many years for these new technologies to reach the markets, consumers will eventually be able to realize the benefits of this innovative and ground-breaking research.

Another university-led project is working with oxygen mask design safety. Researchers from the National University Capstone project conducted a study on the importance of O2 concentrations passing through an F-35 Lightning II pilot mask.

UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Sensor.

UV Flux 25% Oxygen Smart Sensor. Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

This study used the CM-42951 0-25% UV Flux Oxygen Smart Sensor, allowing the acquisition of incredibly useful and reliable results.

CO2Meter’s academic collaborations take place at all levels of education. The company recently supported a memorable science project from Walt Whitman High School in Cold Spring Harbor.

Using CO2Meter Sensors in University Research

Image Credit: CO2Meter, Inc.

CO2Meter contributed to a project which aimed to measure CO2 levels from indoor and outdoor locations around a student’s local community. This experiment employed the K30 10000 ppm CO2 sensor and an Arduino Uno microcontroller.

The students benefited from the supplied sensor technologies, winning several accolades at high school-level competitions for their research.

As I am relatively new to Arduino in general, I have been using the examples from the CO2Meter site to help me get started. The code examples online have been very great help so far.

Aaron, A student, Walt Whitman

CO2Meter’s team is proud of their work providing technologies and support for an array of researchers working at the cutting edge of advanced applications and technology. These studies undertaken today are creating tomorrow’s advancements.

The future holds many opportunities for furthering research discoveries and technological advancements, for example, respiratory mask analysis, environmental sensing, CO2 capture and innovative medical treatments.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by CO2Meter, Inc.

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