CO2Meter Safety Devices for Indoor Agriculture Grow Facilities

CO2Meter has forged a series of strong working relationships with indoor agriculture facilities around the world, providing carbon dioxide safety and control devices designed to protect employees in facilities while simultaneously managing and maintaining appropriate CO2 levels in grow spaces.

CO2Meter Safety Devices for Indoor Agriculture Grow Facilities

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A large-scale cannabis and retail company has been working with CO2Meter for some time. The company takes pride in its presence across the United States. It currently manages one large-scale cultivation facility and operates numerous dispensaries located around the state.

This interview with the company’s Head of Grow Operations looks at the company’s work and use of CO2Meter products in its facilities.

Tell us About Your Industry. How Did You Get Started, and What is Your Main Mission?

We are a large cannabis grow and retail company with one main location and multiple dispensaries around the state. We have continued to grow in scale as the industry continued to make significant gains in 2021, and we expect the cannabis industry to continue to grow in 2022.

What are Your Field’s Specialty Areas?

We primarily work with indoor cannabis growth at the facility. This is sold directly to commercial retailers or sold direct to consumers via our network of dispensaries.

What are You Trying to Address by Using CO2Meter Products?

We use CO2Meter products in a number of different ways. Recent regulations stipulate that we operate an emergency air purge system in all areas where CO2 is used.

We use CO2Meter safety alarms to trigger an audible alarm and send signals to our intake and variable exhaust dampers, causing these to open when the threshold has been exceeded. We also use these alarms to send a signal to a central relay system attached to a large blower motor in order to increase speed to purge the air.

Tell us About the Device You Chose for Your Facility and Any Main Features You Felt Were Important in Making This Decision.

We purchased the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm (RAD-0102-6) in order to protect our staff and to meet specific safety requirements. The device is easy to use, and its capacity to implement multiple alarm signals is very useful.

Why Did You Choose CO2Meter as a Gas Safety Provider?

Familiarity played a big part in this decision. We have seen CO2Meter recommended online and know that the company’s products are a popular choice in this industry.

After Utilizing CO2Meter’s Product, Would You Recommend it to Others?

I would recommend it to others because it has a very straightforward interface for programming.

When Looking at the Device’s Available Documentation and Resources, What Did You Find the Most Helpful in Terms of Operation and Configuration?

We tend to use the device manual itself most frequently.

Is There Anything Else You Would like to Mention in Terms of Your Overall Experience with the Remote CO2 Storage Safety 3 Alarm?

We use more than twenty of these sensors and alarms around our facility and have never had an issue. CO2Meter’s team is extremely friendly and professional. I would recommend CO2Meter to anyone operating in a similar cultivation space who requires CO2 alarms.


Beyond its partnership with this particular cultivation and dispensary chain, CO2Meter maintains a number of key supplier partnerships with companies who benefit from CO2Meter’s portfolio of fixed/wall-mounted safety devices or portable/handheld safety devices.

These devices are vital in protecting employees in the field and customers in retail settings. CO2Meter continues to provide the highest quality gas detection devices, as well as ongoing education and technological advancements designed to meet the needs of customers and suppliers alike.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by CO2Meter, Inc.

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