Discover the Range of Kipp & Zonen SUV Radiometers

The ultraviolet spectrum of the sun’s radiation (UV) can cause severe damage to people with brighter skin types. This article gives an overview of OTT HydroMet’s SUV series, which is is the new generation of its well-established Kipp & Zonen UVS radiometers.

Developed from the  SUV5 ‘total’ UV radiometer, a range of broadband UV radiometers are now available for the quantification of specific kinds of ultraviolet radiation. This latest series has instruments to determine UVB, UVE and UVA, along with the current SUV5 total UV version.

Discover the New Range of UVS Series Radiometers

Image Credit: OTT HydroMet

Advantages of the New SUV Series

Compared to the UVS, the SUV range has enhanced features along with significantly low power consumption and the advantages of an RS-485 Modbus® digital output.

The SUV radiometers do not require power-consuming temperature stabilization because of the all-new optical detection systems for UVB, UVA and UVE with digital data processing.

They offer a highly precise polynomial function temperature adjustment across a larger operating temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C.

The low power needs and wide supply voltage range make the SUV family ideal for use in remote locations where power is limited.

As with all Smart radiometers from OTT HydroMet, the Modbus® output offers the irradiance value in W/m2 and also power supply voltage, body temperature, serial and model number, calibration history and status information.

The SUV housings have equal dimensions to the double dome pyranometers from Kipp & Zonen, making it easy to utilize all of the radiometer accessories provided by OTT HydroMet, for example, tilting, ventilation, shading and mounting.

An additional enhancement compared to the UVS is that the SUV range has no external drying cartridge to investigate, and the internal desiccant can function for a minimum of 10 years.

Similar to other Smart models offered by OTT HydroMet, the regular 2-year factory warranty will be prolonged for free to five years after the purchase has been registered through the company’s website.

UV Index

The Global Solar UV Index (UVI) was created through a worldwide collaboration by the WHO along with UNEP, ICNIRP and WMO.

At the Earth’s surface, the damaging UV radiation level is determined by an instrument with a spectral response that is similar to ‘typical’ human skin. The SUV-E is used to measure Erythemal irradiance, UVE in W/m2, which is multiplied by 40 m2/W to translate the value to the UV Index.

The UVI provides a crucial parameter to increase public awareness and communicate to the public about the requirement to use protective methods when subjected to damaging UV radiation.

Analog Output

Smart instruments from OTT HydroMet also feature an analog output created from digital information. The SUV also has this function with a range of 0 to 1 V. For the SUV-E, it is the UV Index, and for the SUV-B, SUV5 and SUV-A, it is the irradiance in W/m2.

Discover the New Range of UVS Series Radiometers

Image Credit: OTT HydroMet

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by OTT HydroMet.

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