Understanding Precipitation

The northern hemisphere is heading onto summer, meaning that the storm season and rainy period will soon commence. While the impact of these meteorological phenomena may differ from regional realities, the underlying principle of evaporation and precipitation dictates the water cycle.

Understanding Precipitation

Image Credit: OTT HydroMet

This cycle is also the cornerstone of life on Earth.

OTT HydroMet unites over 640 years of cumulative expertise in hydrology, meteorology, and other environmental sciences. The company’s experience measuring, understanding and predicting rain and related phenomena such as snow and hail is unrivaled.

Meteorology can be a complex subject, as any organization or industry reliant on weather forecasts to plan its work can attest. OTT HydroMet has created an infographic to provide some basic insight into the creation of rain.

Understanding Precipitation

How does rain fall? Check the full infographic. Image Credit: OTT HydroMet

The company offers a range of technologies to measure precipitation, and it remains at the forefront of this area as technology has advanced from tipping buckets to disdrometers.

In the precipitation portfolio guide, OTT HydroMet reviews these technologies and their solutions to provide customers with the best insights into five different precipitation measurement solutions along with a product side-by-side comparison: 

  • OTT Pluvio – Weighing Gauge 
  • OTT WAD – Hybrid Gauge 
  • Lufft WS100 – Radar Precipitation Sensor 
  • OTT Parsivel² – Disdrometer 
  • Tipping Bucket

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by OTT HydroMet.

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