How to Prevent Over Formulation

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Rapid analysis could help regulate sugar and seasoning. To assure quality and optimal flavor, users can also check moisture and fat/oil content. There is no need to squander ingredients or money.

Reduce Waste

  • Constantly meet the optimal % of seasoning levels
  • Examine raw ingredients to guarantee appropriate compositional profiles

Save Costs

  • Use swift analysis rather than labor-intensive procedures
  • Control seasoning levels

Ensure Quality

  • Produce reliable, high-quality end products
  • Ensure the best user experience

The SpectraStar XT series analyzers are used by several of the world’s largest snack food makers to help oversee product quality, decrease operating costs, and safeguard brand value by offering a cohesive brand experience for customers.

Image Credit: KPM Analytics

Examples of Customer Savings:

Sweet Savings

A prominent cereal manufacturer in the United States was adding 1–2% more sugar to their cereal than was mentioned on the label. They were able to save over $700,000 in one year by using SpectraStar to analyze and regulate sugar levels.

Spot-On Seasoning

To achieve sufficient coverage, a snack food customer applied excessive amounts of seasoning. Plant managers were able to cut back seasoning by over 5% using SpectraStar. This resulted in daily savings of almost $1,000.


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