Top Ten Tips for Selecting a Flowmeter


Trevor Foster, a world-renowned authority in flowmeter technology and applications, offers non-commercial, sound advice on the considerations to choose, implement and maintain a flowmeter system.

Tip 1 – The Reason to Purchase a Flowmeter

A flowmeter is typically used for monitoring the fluid that travels via a vessel or a pipe in real time or controlling and monitoring the total throughput volume. If it is just a one-time requirement, it is sufficient to have a container into which the liquid flows, a stopwatch and a set of scales, which may provide the needed accuracy. By using a simple float in a tapered tube, flow rate can be estimated, however this may be inconvenient as continuous local observation may be required.

For short-term monitoring applications, certain companies hire flowmeters. A flowmeter provides a precise configurable solution that can record and monitor flow. It can also be used as a control method with...

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