Encoder Sensors for Advanced Laser Technology – Precision Optics and Laser Marking Systems

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Optical systems must be extremely precise to be effective - variations in beam and sensor positioning can result in erroneous measurements or, in the case of laser marking systems, damaged goods.

MircoE, leaders in encoder technology, have worked with a number of optics companies to develop highly precise laser systems. Read on to find out more about their projects in the worlds of photonics and laser marking.


The Challenge

Precision optics applications require fast, smooth motion with high acceleration and short settling times. They also require repeatability and high resolution in a lightweight, compact package.

The precision and small system size required is not offered by conventional mechanical translation systems. Additionally, these conventional systems are designed with mechanical components that are subject to wear because of high frequency motion profiles typical in photonics applications.

The Solution

The Optira Series encoder and Juke Series voice coil actuator from Celera Motion were integrated into a compact linear stage platform and delivered the high acceleration, precision movement, and speed needed. Readily available PID controllers and amplifiers can be used to control the Juke Series motor, which is a simple two wire device.

High precision motion and easy integration into the small linear stage are enabled by the Optira Series encoder’s 5 nanometer resolution, extremely small 13 x 11.8 mm footprint, 1 micron accuracy, and flexible mounting and cabling options.

The Benefit

The Juke and Optira components from Celera Motion enabled the customer to achieve their system performance requirements in a compact yet powerful package. It is possible to modify the linear stage design for the customer’s project, including mounting locations on both the moving surface and the stage.

In addition, Celera Motion also offers completely assembled and tested linear stages and mechatronics packages that are designed by an expert engineering staff with several years of experience. During the project, the customer’s engineers achieved all of the motion requirements in their photonics system by closely working with Celera engineers.

Laser Marking

The Challenge

Lasers are used by laser marking systems to mark or engrave a wide range of products, ranging from food packaging to medical devices to electronic components. In this technique, a laser beam is steered with precision and speed using high-quality mirrors driven by galvanometers, which are highly responsive voice-coil motors.

Extremely small and yet highly accurate non-contact rotary optical encoders are required for controlling the velocity and angular position of galvanometers.

The Solution

A leading supplier of laser marking systems selected the Mercury 1200 analog encoder to provide their servo control system with incremental Sin/Cos feedback. This analog encoder was coupled with a small 12 mm diameter optical disk which, after 7 bit interpolation in the customer’s electronics, provided more than 200 thousand counts per revolution.

The custom MII1900P sensor head was designed to provide over 1.2 million counts per revolution for even higher accuracy systems requiring even tighter line control.

The Benefit

The Mercury 1200 sensor on a glass disk can achieve up to 120 nm cyclical error with customer supplied gain, offset, and phase corrections. The sensor’s compact design delivers this highly accurate feedback in a total package less than 9 mm high. The MII1900P encoder decreases that cyclical error to only 30 nm (while still reducing the total package height by about 2 mm), enabling the customer to mark with industry leading line quality and resolution.

Celera Motion

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Celera Motion.

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