Intelligent Traffic Monitoring – Using Flash LiDAR Sensors to Precisely Measure Traffic Speeds

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring

One of the most in-demand traffic management applications today is automated road law enforcement.

Having a calming effect on driving behaviors, automatically detecting vehicles, calculating their speed, and enforcing infractions are great benefits for legislative bodies and city administrations.

However, reliable speed calculation continues to be a challenge, as many external factors can potentially risk the validity of the exercise. The technology used must provide very precise and reliable measurements to be lawfully enforceable. It is also important that these systems are rugged and energy-efficient as they have to operate 24/7 in all weather conditions.

This article shows how a speed enforcement solution manufacturer achieves precise, affordable, and undetectable speed measurement system using a multi-segment LiDAR sensor.

The Challenges of Automated Law Enforcement

TrafficLogix is a specialist in the design and development of a range of traffic calming solutions that are capable of offering precise speed calculations of passing vehicles.

When developing the Enforcer Cam, the most recent installment in their SafePace® product line, TrafficLogix was keen to take things to the next level and make the most of the collected data to enable extra features, such as real-time reporting to nearby enforcement officers and Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, the core sensing technology chosen had to provide detailed and highly accurate data.

The Enforcer Cam needs to identify incoming traffic at a distance of 35 m for vehicles (including motorcycles) speeding from 0 to 180 km/h, and establish their real speeds with an error margin below 3%. TrafficLogix engineers also wanted the solution to be able to differentiate one vehicle from another during dense traffic for optimal enforceability.

The Enforcer Cam had to endure outdoor operation for prolonged periods of time, from several hours to days continuously, requiring the chosen technology to be strong and remain unchanged by ambient light variations, temperature changes, vibrations caused by passing vehicles or wind, and falling snow or rain.

Traffic Enforcer Camera

Additionally, TrafficLogix sought a technology that cannot be detected, in order to counter the increase of radar detectors, which are becoming very common among drivers. As a result, radar technology was excluded from the beginning.

On the subject of searching for the precise technology for the project, here's what software engineer and project manager Ahuva Bäsch had to say:

Finding an accurate, undetectable technology that could be used to measure speed and pinpoint which vehicle is the violator, thereby ensuring enforceability was a game changer.

Ahuva Bäsch, Software Engineer, TrafficLogix

A Cost-Effective and Undetectable Solution to Address Speed Limit Violations

After a thorough business analysis and comparison of similar technologies found online, TrafficLogix chose LeddarTech's M16 multi-segment LiDAR sensor module as the ideal solution to match the application's requirements.

The Leddar M16 Sensor Module is an advanced sensing solution that integrates 16 independent active elements into one sensor without any moving components, resulting in continuous, rapid, and accurate detection and ranging - including lateral discrimination - in the total wide beam.

Compared to radio waves used by radar-based traffic enforcement systems, the infrared light beam emitted by the M16 is almost undetectable with common methods. The M16 also benefits from more freedom of placement than radar with regard to angular positioning in operational context.

The Enforcer Cam was positioned diagonally at the rear of outgoing traffic: at a height of 2 m and roughly 3 to 5 m on the roadside. With this positioning, the M16 sensor monitors a 24° (hor.) by 4.5° (ver.) zone, successfully detecting many vehicles at the same time in each segment at ranges up to 35 m.

Traffic Enforcer Camera

The rapid data acquisition rate and improved signal processing algorithms of the M16 offer precise speed calculations of all vehicles within the sensor’s field of vision, grouping and tracking many detection points as they move from one segment to another (for example, body, side view mirror, license plate, etc.) for better data reliability.

The unmatched richness of the data obtained in this manner allows the Enforcer Cam to detect vehicles that go over a pre-determined speed threshold, providing enforcement officers stationed close by with the exact location, videos of the scene, and real-time photos where a speed violation is detected.

LeddarTech: A Technology Provider of Choice

TrafficLogix's decision to use the Leddar M16 sensor module was influenced by several factors. In addition to the undetectability of Leddar, the compact size and excellent power and range of the M16 were key elements that justified its preference.

The service rendered by the supplier was also an aspect that was commended by TrafficLogix, mentioning LeddarTech as "very supportive on all fronts, with high levels of assistance and responsiveness during development and integration." according to Ms. Bäsch.

Leddartech Enforcer Camera

It is easy to start developing with the M16, which can be easily bought online and is available with an SDK. For higher volume applications, discount quantities are offered. Other Leddar sensor models, such as the multi-segment LeddarVu, are designed for other intelligent transportation solutions such as parking spot occupancy, sensing automated tolling, or vehicle profiling.

Leddar M16 product information

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