The Best Way to Create a Reliable and Flexible Wireless Monitoring System

Hanwell Pro is a totally flexible and reliable wireless monitoring system incorporating breakthroughs in environmental monitoring that can only be designed and manufactured by the IMC Group Ltd. The company’s wireless monitoring is affordable without compromising on quality.

To obtain accurate readings, the system utilizes radio technology for flexibility and high-quality sensors. 24/7 data collection for audit trails and instant alarm notification are enabled through the innovative software. Users can monitor a number of parameters within a single system, which can easily be expanded as an organization’s requirements change or grow. These parameters include: temperature, differential pressure, humidity, air flow, CO2, and much more.

  • 24/7 real-time alarm system
  • Flexibility of expanding system
  • Continuous wireless monitoring reducing manual checks
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Data ownership
  • Radio strength reaching over 300 m*

*over open ground. Users should always ask for a signal strength test when buying any radio system (especially in those difficult-to-reach areas).

Users should always ask for a long-range signal strength test.

Hanwell Pro can prove its signal strength test to be unrivaled.

Creating Your System

Network Receiver

An essential part of the Hanwell Pro system is the Network Receiver, which is designed to collect data from many radio transmitters within a site and communicate them back to the SQL database.

  • Constant communication with SQL database
  • Clear LED indicators: power (green); alarm (red); and communications (yellow)
  • On-board battery back-up that can last up to five days
  • On-board memory back-up that can last at least five days for 50 sensors

Radio Transmitters

IceSpy Hanwell Pro transmitters offer a wide range of measurements to provide users with a flexible and easily expandable system as requirements can change and grow. For immediate real-time data collection, data is wirelessly transmitted to the Hanwell Pro Network Receiver.

  • Operating temperature ranges from -30 °C to +50 °C (greater with external probe)
  • Wide range of sensors for multiple parameters
  • High accuracy sensors
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission reaching more than 300 m over open ground
  • Easily accessible battery for replacement by the user when needed (Approximate life over two years)

IceSpy Hanwell Pro Multi-Purpose Sensors

Reliable and flexible multi-purpose analog sensors can monitor many parameters such as air flow, CO2, and differential pressure.

IceSpy Hanwell Pro RH/T Sensors

Reliable and flexible temperature and humidity sensors are designed to provide measurement for many applications. Internal temperature range -30 °C to +50 °C.

IceSpy Hanwell Pro Temperature Sensors

The Hanwell Pro series of temperature sensor units feature an internal operating temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C (greater with external probe.) Refer to the table on probe options.

Probes for Accurate Measurement

Hanwell Pro’s high accuracy probes available with the Hanwell Pro transmitters are perfect for many temperature-related applications.

Probe Temperature Range:

IN -TH150 (1.5 m Cable) – External Thermistor Probe

-40 °C to +100 °C

IN-TH300 (3 m Cable) – External Thermistor Probe -40 °C to +100 °C

IN-PT143 (1.5 Cable) – PT100 Probe -100 °C to +200 °C

IN-PT145 (3 m Cable) – PT100 Probe -100 °C to +200 °C

IN-THC03 – Thermocouple Type T Probe -200 °C to +350 °C

BLK100 – Simulant Block 100 ML -40 °C to + 100 °C
BLK200 – Simulant Block 200 ML -40 °C to + 100 °C

IN-DC001 – Door Switch N/A

If customers have requirements outside of the above range, they can contact Hanwell Pro since the company will almost certainly have a solution for them.

Optional Add-Ons

SMS Module

24/7 alarms via text message for out-of-hours alarming is essential. Additionally, it is possible to set alarm groups so that the alarms are directed to specific people, on specific days with times.

  • Provides real-time SMS text alarms for out-of-hours alerts
  • OLED display for signal strength and alarm message status
  • On-board 2G/3G GSM module
  • Provides early warning through text message to safe guard stock
  • On-board battery backup for 24 hours to allow SMS sending during power failures

ARB Module

Provides more functionality; alarms, RFID (for data backfill), and Bluetooth interface for the MM7000 hand-held thermometer.

  • 24/7 alarm notification
  • RFID connectivity for fast data backfill
  • Instant visual alarm on unit through OLED display
  • Bluetooth connectivity for integration with the IMC MM7000 hand-held thermometer
  • Enables operators to see alarms in remote areas


The autodialler add-on uses a standard telephone line to call pre-programmed numbers to warn of environmental breach or power failure.

  • Automatically sends call to pre-programmed number
  • Reliable and quick warning
  • Powered independently to warn of power failure
  • Easy to connect to alarm control panels and low maintenance

MM7000 Hand-held Thermometer

The MM7000 hand-held thermometer has Bluetooth capabilities and an integral barcode scanner, and can be used in combination with the Hanwell Pro ARB unit.

  • Automatically logs data using Bluetooth communication to reduce manual errors
  • Logs up to 1000 time- and date-stamped temperature records

Extend Your Radio Range

Echo Repeater

The Hanwell Pro Echo Repeater is an optional add-on that can extend the system’s radio range to difficult-to-reach areas. It can forward data between the Hanwell Pro transmitters and the Network Receiver.

  • Extends radio range by 300 m over open ground
  • Three day back-up supply for continuous operation in the event of power failure

Data at Your Fingertips

Hanwell Pro Software

Users can access data 24/7 through the Hanwell software platform, with prompt alarm notifications through Email or independent SMS. Hanwell software can be mounted on various platforms ranging from stand-alone computers, cloud hosted or internal intranets. Data can be viewed on standard PCs, mobile devices, and other various devices.

Users can customize their unique home page to display data that is of relevance to them or to their department, allowing them to obtain a much more detailed view of real-time departmental sensor data and gain immediate access to audit-ready reports and immediate alarm notifications.

  • View, share, and interact with live data and alarms from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Share data with colleagues with user-defined permission levels
  • Suitable for single- or multiple-user organizations
  • Time- and date-stamped data
  • Easy to install, use, manage, and upgrade
  • Immediate and easy access to historical data
  • Email delivery of automated reporting directly to PDF format at user-defined schedules
  • A range of alarm notifications from email to SMS

Scheduled reports

Main overview

Graphical view – Temperature + door

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hanwell.

For more information on this source, please visit Hanwell Solutions Ltd.


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