Thermography Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Thermographic solutions for different fields of the automotive industry are as follows:

  • Analysis instruments for fast-rotating objects, such as brakes or tires
  • Reconcile thermal behaviour of components with their standard behaviour
  • Non-destructive testing allows efficient and precise quality control
  • Integration into complex text solutions via interfaces to MATLAB and LabVIEW

Thermography in automotive industry

Thermography in automotive industry

Inspection of seat heaters

Inspection of seat heaters

Thermography in tire production

Thermography in tire production

Thermogram of a car engine

Thermogram of a car engine

Verification of a rear window

Verification of a rear window

Details about Automotive Industry

Non-Destructive Testing Saves Money and Time

The vital marketing tool for presenting cars' safety are, certainly, crash tests - one of the worst testing methods for controllers and engineers since, in the course of this process, the device under test will be destroyed. Thus, neither further tests can be performed nor is it possible to remedy any deficiencies of the product.

Thermography helps to make defects visible without damaging the device under test on its testing. Thus, the functions of catalysts as well as electric systems of cars and motor assemblies can also be tested by using infrared camera systems.

Connections of body panels via weld seams are possible and can be efficiently analyzed by methods of active heat flow thermography. In case of doubt, re-welding is still possible in order to attain the required quality.

Moreover, deficiencies and defects of multiple products for the automotive industry are only to be detected through temperature changes. Thus, window heating and heated seats can be tried and tested for their functionality by applying infrared camera systems.

Integrate Thermographic Solutions by InfraTec

Based on an increasing number of applications, mainly in the automotive sector, InfraTec incorporates multiple needs directly into infrared cameras, respectively into the software package IRBIS® 3. Fast frame rates, high thermal resolutions and the integration of infrared camera systems into complex test environments within the scope of National Instruments LabVIEW are just a few examples.

In order to test fast-rotating objects, such as tires or brakes, InfraTec has developed a special solution and software IRBIS® rotate. Thermal behavior of diverse braking materials or particular forms of disk brakes can be examined at full speed with the help of the infrared camera series ImageIR®.

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