Rotary Level Indicator by BinMaster

BinMaster rotary level indicators are designed for detecting mild, low, and high levels of solids in bins, silos, and tanks. The different types of rotary level indicators are:

  • BMRX rotary level indicator is rugged, reliable, and simple to operate. It is used detecting dry bulk solids in tanks, hoppers, bins, conveyors, and silos. It is fixed on a side or top of the bin. When the bins are full, it sends a signal to the operators. It is designed for use in hazardous conditions when explosion proof protection is needed. The motorized parts can be easily accessed as the BMRX includes a screw-top enclosure.
  • The Maxima+ rotary level indicator is used for detecting bulk solids including pellets, powders or granular materials. An audible horn or light is used for providing the status of the Maxima+. A shaft extension is used for mounting the MAXIMA+ on the top or side of the bin. Power loss and electronics or motor failure can be indicated using this indicator.
  • Mini rotary can be used in hoppers and bins. It is small in size, easy to install, compact and economical, and consists of moving parts.
  • Point level alarm panel is used for monitoring bin levels. Level indicators such as rotary paddle, diaphragm switch, capacitance probe, tilt switch, or vibrating rod are present for indicating the operators when the bin reaches full, partially full, or empty levels.
  • Heat tubes are suitable for top or side mounted applications with the BMRX or MAXIMA+. An optional heat tube can be used if the temperature outside the bin exceeds. They are available in the form of aluminum or stainless steel with a length of about 8” or 12”
  • Stainless steel process connection is suitable for corrosive applications. It can also be used with the BMRX or MAXIMA+ rotary.
  • Horizontal rotary extension can be used for mounting the rotary on the side of a bin wall. It is provided with an extended drive shaft with a protective shaft guard.

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