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High-Precision T12 Torque Transducer by HBM

The innovative digital torque transducer T12 is an ultra-high precision torque transducer for test benches and industrial use. The transducer offers optimum performance in terms of reliability and accuracy for highly dynamic test benches.

The T12 is the new benchmark for precision, safety and flexibility when measuring torque. The T12 is a complete measurement system in a single transducer. Quick and accurate results are obtained using TEDS or the direct fieldbus link for connecting the T12 torque transducer in minutes.

Key Features

The T12 offers an excellent combination of precision and wide dynamic bandwidth.

  • Excellent reliability is ensured for all the measurements. The process monitoring and smart self-diagnosis functions offer complete transparency about measurement quality.
  • The novel design of the T12 tranducer ensures easy, quick and flexible integration into the system traditionally through analog interfaces (frequency, voltage) or through up-to-date field bus systems.
  • It is quick and easy to set up. Time is saved while configuring and mounting the amplifier due to the modular design, measure and plug and direct control through the included T12 assistant software.
  • Electronics, transducer and software are all bundled in one. The cost of additional components is spared. In daily use also low operating costs are ensured by T12. It is absolutely wear and maintenance free, thanks to its non-contacting design.

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