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PMX: Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning Unit by HBM

HBM’s PMX is the latest data acquisition and control system designed for use in industrial test benches and modern production facilities. The system is highly efficient, accurate, reliable, and offers excellent performance. It allows accurate acquisition of a variety of quantities, such as current, voltage, strain, pressure, vibration, force, torque, etc.

PMX features 32 calculating channels and 16 measuring channels. All channels are rated with 19,200 samples for every second. As a whole, the system is rated up to 400,000 values for each second. PMX supports real-time communication through Industrial Ethernet and includes flexible plug-in cards. Thanks to the integrated TEDS system, PMX identifies transducers automatically. In addition, the browser-based PMX software is intuitive and easy to use. These features make PMX a suitable choice in machine monitoring, press and printing processes, and end-of-line test stands.

Key Features

The main features of the PMX data acquisition and control system are:

  • Precise, reliable and highly efficient
  • High precision for optimal quality assurance
  • Real-time data acquisition through Industrial Ethernet
  • Flexible plug-in cards
  • Intuitive, browser-based PMX software
  • Modern interface enables instant access to production data
  • Suitable for press and printing processes, machine monitoring, industrial test benches.

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