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Perform Easy & Precise Load Tests with the SBS-1110S and 4830S Constant Current DC Load Banks

SBS offers the 1110S and 4830S constant current DC load banks, which can be used to perform easy and precise IEEE450 (Vented Lead-Acid), IEEE1188 (VRLA) and IEEE1106 (Ni-Cad) load tests. The units are cost-effective and can be easily and quickly set up; they display the current, voltage and Ah removed during the test. Unlike other load banks, users do not have to constantly alter the current during the test.

The SBS-1110S and the SBS-4830S load banks include multiple auto-stop settings as well as built-in protection features, such as audible alarm, warning on LED screen, over load protection, and high voltage and temperature shutdowns. These features protect the batteries from over discharge.The SBS-1110S has DC voltage range from 90 to 150 Vdc and DC current range from 0 to 100 A. The unit includes a carrying case, an instruction manual, and 9 ft DC cables. The SBS-4830S has DC voltage range from 20 to 60 Vdc and DC current range from 0-300 A.

Key Features

The main features of the SBS-1110S and 4830S constant current load banks are:

  • Continuous current load bank holds the current set all through the test
  • Units can be paralleled with the SBS-8400 or other load banks
  • LED screen shows real time discharge current, voltage and Ah removed during the test
  • Three adjustable stop points: End system voltage, discharge time, discharge capacity (Ah)
  • Auto-stop settings
  • Warning on LED screen
  • Audible alarm
  • Over load protection
  • High voltage and temperature shutdown
  • DC cables included

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