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Rotational Speed Measuring Tool T40B by HBM, Inc.

Many options are available in the market for incremental rotational speed measurement systems, but these systems can only measure rotational speed.

A combination of torque measurement and rotational speed capabilities in a single measurement sensor places significant demands on the measurement of rotational speed.

For instance, the speed measuring system must not impair the mechanical and application-specific features of the measurement sensor; a high-resolution system that concurrently enables large relative motion between the stator and the rotor is needed; and the built-in rotational speed measuring system must not limit torques or hinder the transmission of the required nominal torques.

HBM offers a digital torque transducer with magnetic rotational speed measuring system. The T40B system is based on the proven T40 torque transducer and includes a number of innovative features. The torque meter enables rotational speed measurement and also allows monitoring of the rotation’s direction. It is reliable and resistant to dust and oil mist. In addition, the meter has a integrated optional reference pulse that helps in measuring the angle of rotation, such as during functional testing.

Key Features

The main features of the T40B are:

  • Reliable measurement of rotational speed
  • Flexible through multiple interfaces
  • Integrated sensor optimized for magnetic fields
  • Angular accuracy of up to 212steps
  • High precision:1024 pulses/revolution
  • High signal quality and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Eliminates additional adjustment between sensor and pulse wheel
  • Air gap of up to 2.5mm between sensor and pulse wheel
  • Protected against environmental influences
  • Suitable for automotive industry.


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