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Compact Encoders for Efficient Motion Systems – Mercury and ChipEncoder Models

The Mercury series of compact encoders was designed by Celera Motion to enable equipment designers achieve more compact and faster motion systems. Motion control engineers worldwide specify ChipEncoder and Mercury when their rotary or linear motion control applications demand high performance from the smallest possible sensor. Long-term reliability is ensured by comprehensive testing and manufacturing to ISO9001:2008 quality standards ensure long-term reliability.

Key Features

The key features of mercury and chip encoder models are:

  • High Performance from Ultra-Small Sensors
  • Smaller Sensors for Smaller, Lighter Motion Systems
  • Low power consumption as low as 0.17W
  • PC Board Mount – These models can be directly mounted on the PC board offering significant space and cost savings through design integration.
  • All models work with rotary scales as small as 12mm diameter. And all this comes in the smallest packages.
  • With the broadest alignment tolerances in the industry, a full ±2 degrees, Mercury and ChipEncoder are the easiest and the fastest sensor to align and set-up. You can align the Mercury sensor in under 30 seconds.
  • SmartPrecision Software: Optional software for set-up, data plots, diagnostics, and programmable features (programmable models).
  • Linear and rotary glass scales are available in lengths from 13mm to 2m, and diameters up to 121mm. Rotary glass scales are available with or without hubs, and in arc segments.

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