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Mercury and Mercury II Vacuum Encoders for Compact Vacuum Applications

Systems Mercury and Mercury II vacuum encoders are specified in a broad range of applications especially because of their combination of performance, small size, and high vacuum rating. All sensors can be used with linear, rotary and arc segment scales. With sensors of height 8.2mm and resolution of up to 1.2nm and cyclical error of ±20nm, unsurpassed motion system performance is achieved in the most compact vacuum applications.

The thermal effects are reduced because of the low power consumption of Mercury encoder sensors, only 0.25W for most models. All models perform at 10-8 torr with negligible outgassing. Bake out is rated at 150°C for 48 hours. Mercury and Mercury II vacuum encoders perform in high magnetic field environments.

Key Features

The key features of the Mercury and Mercury II vacuum encoders are:

  • Broadest Alignment Tolerances - With the broadest alignment tolerances in the industry, a full ±2 degrees, Mercury and ChipEncoder are the easiest and the fastest sensor to align and set-up.
  • SmartPrecision Software: Optional software for set-up, data plots, diagnostics, and programmable features (programmable models).
  • Vacuum-compatible linear and rotary glass scales are available in lengths from 13mm to 2m, and diameters up to 121mm. Rotary glass scales are available with or without hubs, and in arc segments.
  • Linear measuring length as small as 13mm.
  • Accuracy up to ±1µm and compact, only 6mm wide, including the built-in index (applications ≤130mm).
  • Rotary diameter as small as 12mm.
  • Custom options: Special widths, thicknesses, near-zero CTE materials, diameters, or rotary arc segments.

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