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Compact and High-Resolution Reflective Surface Encoder – CE300 ChipEncoder System

The CE300 ChipEncoder is a modular SMT kit encoder system that combines small size with high resolution. Now high performance digital closed-loop motion control is possible and affordable for your high volume product designs. The optical, non-contact system consists of either a linear or rotary glass scale and a BGA packaged sensor head that you integrate into your own PCB design.

Based on a 40µm pitch diffractive scale, the system's integral interpolation electronics can deliver up to 1µm linear resolution at high speed. The total cost of the ChipEncoder is low because it is integrated into your PC board for minimal systems parts count and automated pick and place manufacturing.

Key Features

The key features of the CE300 chip encoder system are:

  • High resolution with on-board interpolation and digital output improves motion system accuracy and stability.
  • High speed capability enhances motion system performance.
  • Non-contact design for high reliability, small size enables ultra-miniature, low cost motion control.
  • Compact total system height and 24 pin ceramic BGA package.
  • Side castellated for electrical testing and broad alignment tolerances.
  • Digital quadrature output in differential pairs.
  • 40µm wide Index Window output in differential pair.
  • Two interpolation depths, x4 (CE300-4) x40 (CE300-40).
  • Linear resolution of 10µm or 1µm.
  • Rotary resolutions between 3,300 and 327,000 quadrature counts per revolution depending on scale diameter and interpolation depth.
  • 360kHz analog bandwidth yielding a top linear speed of 14m/s and rotary speed of 26,200 RPM.
  • Linear and rotary glass scales available in a variety of standard lengths and diameters.

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