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PCB Mount Analog Encoder - Mercury 1200 for High Resolution, Increased Accuracy and Enhanced Output

OEMs can now use encoders for closed loop control where it was previously not possible or cost effective. Using your interpolation electronics, engineers can achieve dramatic improvements in system speed, throughput, and reliability, while reducing cost, size and weight. The Mercury 1200 series kit encoders make it all possible. The analog output sensors can mount directly on your printed circuit board within an EMI shielded module. The low Z height of the sensor, only 5.6mm, opens up exciting design possibilities.

The Mercury 1200 encoder is an analog output system. Designed for PC board mounting, it is available with linear or rotary scales. Mercury’s space-saving, integrated configuration gives OEM system designers a breakthrough in performance.

Key Features

The key features of the Mercury 1200 are:

  • Small PCB mount sensor
  • Sensor is 5.6mm (H) x 11.9mm (W) x 14.9mm (L) and weighs 1.2g
  • Fundamental resolution - Linear 20µm, Rotary 2,500 - 16,384 CPR
  • Interpolated linear resolution up to 0.078µm
  • Rotary resolution 2,500 CPR to 4.2M CPR
  • Analog output: sine/cosine and Index window
  • Bi-directional Index window signal
  • Index mark at the center or end of the glass scale (linear).

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