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Ultra-high Precision Capacitance Sensor ACCUMEASURE 9000

The Accumeasure System 9000 available from MTI Instruments is a high-resolution, capacitance-based instrument that provides excellent precision, stability and repeatability. The instrument offers a suitable solution to many previously unattainable measurement applications. It is compact, portable, lightweight, and easy to setup.

With extremely low noise levels and rapid response time, the AS-9000 is suitable for measuring targets such as disks, tires, rotating spindles/shafts, X-Y stages and semiconductor wafers. It also provides nanometer level resolution for high-precision measurements.

Key Features

The main features of the ACCUMEASURE 9000 are:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Single or dual channel design in a compact and cost-effective package
  • Front-panel digital display significantly reduces set up time, particularly in production applications
  • Large standoff distance for safe gaging of delicate parts
  • Standardized output sensitivity of 1uin/mV for any sensor probe is available


The applications of the ACCUMEASURE 9000 are:

  • Brake rotor coning, warping and run-out measurement
  • Gap measurement for extruders and roller gaps
  • High precision microscope lens focusing
  • Lobing and flatness inspection of spindles
  • Accurate sheet and metal thickness with spatial averaging
  • Internal fine pitch thread inspection
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