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Custom Designed Compact Capacitance Sensor System - ACCUMEASURE MICROCAP

MTI Instruments offers a compact, custom designed, OEM capacitance sensor system called Accumeasure MicroCap. The system delivers fast response time, very high stability and sub-nanometer resolution. These features make it suitable for high-precision non-contact measurements such as thermal correction, micro-positioning, focusing and closed loop control applications.

The Accumeasure MicroCap provides exceptional value and uses the latest capacitance amplifier design.

Key Features

The main features of the ACCUMEASURE MICROCAP are:

  • Custom OEM configurations for easy integration into existing or future products
  • Large standoff, non-contact sensors for safe gauging of delicate parts
  • Wide range of precision capacitance sensors for complex size and shape targets
  • Highly stable design for long-term monitoring, analysis and control
  • Passive probes for operation in high-vacuum, high-temperature and harsh environments
  • Extended system ranges for more measurement flexibility


The applications of the ACCUMEASURE MICROCAP are:

  • Brake rotor coning, warping and run-out measurement
  • Gap measurement for extruders and roller gaps
  • High precision microscope lens focusing
  • Lobing and flatness inspection of spindles
  • Accurate sheet and metal thickness with spatial averaging
  • Internal fine pitch thread inspection
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