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6-channel Capacitance Modular/Rack Systems - ACCUMEASURE 500

The Accumeasure 500 compact capacitance rack system supplied by MTI Instruments has a modular design that enables users to populate the rack with their required number of summing amplifiers and measurement channels for thickness or differential measurements.

The Accumeasure 500 can accept up to 6 standard or MTI’s proprietary push/pull capacitance amplifiers. It is suitable for thermal expansion testing and for in vehicle testing of brake rotors or axel runout.

Key Features

The main features of the ACCUMEASURE 500 are:

  • Modular design seamlessly expands to meet future requirements; up to 6-channels per rack
  • Extended probe range for more measurement flexibility
  • Front panel offset and gain controls
  • Capacitance sensors function in harsh environments and high temperatures
  • Summing amplifier available for sum or difference measurements


The applications of the ACCUMEASURE 500 are:

  • Brake rotor coning, warping and run-out measurement
  • Gap measurement for extruders and roller gaps
  • High precision microscope lens focusing
  • Lobing and flatness inspection of spindles
  • Accurate sheet and metal thickness with spatial averaging
  • Internal fine pitch thread inspection
  • Dimensional gaging
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