Tachometer Conditioning System - TSC-4800A

The TSC-4800A is a complete speed signal conditioning unit, which is designed to work with all types of engine speed signals. Whether testing engines with the new offset tooth design or testing engines with a short tooth or long tooth embedded N1 signal, the TSC-4800A is capable of conditioning all these types of signals.

The TSC-4800A allows the selection of multiple input sources for each channel and accepts signals from optical and laser sensors. The unit comes with conditioning algorithms and web server software that can be upgraded with new software provided by MTI Instruments.

Key Features

The main features of the TSC-4800A are:

  • Short-tooth signals
  • Long-tooth signals
  • Offset tooth signals
  • Allows the selection of multiple input sources for each channel
  • Can be configured to condition up to three individual speed signals
  • Produces a normal output signal for engines with N1 tachometer generators and for most N2 and N3 signals
  • Accepts signals from optical and laser sensors
  • Can condition other types of signals that may come from engine FADEC systems or other instrumentation
  • A WEB style interface provides easy access to the unit from any PC running an Internet browser program


The applications of the TSC-4800A are:

  • Machinery balancing
  • Trim balancing
  • Balancing test stands
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Engine test cells commercial airlines
  • Engine manufacturing and test
  • Engine acceptance testing

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