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Rack-mountable Engine Vibration Measurement and Engine Balancing System - PBS-4100R+

The PBS-4100R+ is an advanced vibration analysis and trim balancing system specifically designed for test cell applications. The system includes new features and offers vibration monitoring and analysis capabilities together with fast one-shot balancing solutions.

The PBS-4100R+ includes an extensive library of pre-programmed engine parameters for industrial and aircraft gas turbine models. The parameters reflect the most standard test parameters, but users can alter these parameters to customize the system to their specific testing needs.

Key Features

The main features of the PBS-4100R+ are:

  • Up to 3 speed channels to enable testing of three-spool engines
  • Up to 8 vibration channels to support experimental testing
  • Up to 32 analog output channels to drive test cell meters
  • Ability to balance engines that have vibration peaks at up to 20 speeds
  • Vibration readings are converted and presented in desired units
  • Displays vibration data in several different formats including bar graphs, tables, and X-Y plots
  • Reduces vibrations using the WinPBS Balance Wizard
  • Optional remote operation through Ethernet for power plant engineering access or test cell facilities


The applications of the PBS-4100R+ are:

  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Engine manufacturing final tests
  • Overhaul testing
  • Test cell upgrades commercial test cells
  • Trim balancing experimental testing
  • Military test cells
  • Acceptance testing

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