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Portable Engine Vibration Measurement and Engine Balancing System - PBS-4100 PLUS

MTI Instruments offers PBS-4100 PLUS, a portable engine vibration measurement and engine balancing system. This advanced tool is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The new PBS-4100 PLUS is strong, rugged and has a sealed outer case with passive cooling and internal shock protection. It simplifies the tasks of power plant engineers and aviation mechanics. In addition, the system comes with sophisticated electronics and software that simplify vibration testing.

The PBS-4100 PLUS is compatible with all PBS systems and suitable for industrial applications.

Key Features

The main features of the PBS-4100 PLUS are:

  • Large color front panel display for easy viewing
  • Touch-screen interface for easy and fast operation
  • Up to 4 vibration channels and 3 speed channels for comprehensive machine testing
  • Color, graphical user interface with touch screen for easy and reliable operation
  • Dual Pentium processors
  • Built in diagnostics and self-calibration reduce maintenance costs
  • Balance Wizard for easy and precise trim balancing at the touch of a button
  • Complete cable sets and connection accessories for all engine and aircraft types


The applications of the PBS-4100 PLUS are:

  • Engine manufacturers
  • Commercial aviation
  • Military aviation
  • Regional Airlines
  • Corporate aviation
  • Trim balancing
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Machine overhaul and acceptance testing
  • Machine development testing
  • Industrial plants maintenance
  • Independent vibration consultants

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