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CMP 11 Pyranometer for Solar Energy Applications

The CMP11 makes use of the temperature compensated detector technology originally developed for the CMP 22 and is a step up in performance from the CMP 6. It is especially suitable for meteorological networks and the reduced response time of 1.66 seconds (63%) meets the requirements for solar energy applications. The signature yellow signal cable is fitted with a waterproof socket and is available in a range of lengths pre-wired to the waterproof plug.

The integral bubble level is raised to the housing top and can be viewed without removing the redesigned snap-on sun shield, which also covers the connector. The connector has gold plated contacts enabling re-calibration and easy exchange. The crew-in drying cartridge can be removed easily and the replacement desiccant is supplied in convenient refill packets.

Key Features

The key features of the CMP11 pyranometer are:

  • The Pyranometer does not require any power, it supplies a low voltage of 0-20 mV in relation to the amount of incoming radiation.
  • When a higher voltage level or a 4-20mA signal is required, the AMPBOX is the perfect solution.
  • Secondary standard pyranometer.
  • Excellent linearity.
  • Fast response time.
  • Low tilt error.

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