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Micro Tape Encoder for Linear Applications

The Micro Tape Encoder (MTE) available from Celera Motion is specifically designed for linear applications where energy efficiency and fast time to market are very important. MTE uses Celera Motion's patented optical detector design to deliver industry-leading alignment tolerances, sensor size, and energy efficiency.

Users can easily install the compact sensor in side or top mount configuration without using any oscilloscopes or alignment tools. Additionally, an LED in the sensor indicates the system health in real time, and interpolation is carried out in the sensor.

MTE is compatible with Compact Encoder Tape (CET) and can easily be installed on almost any surface. It can also be cut-to-length in the field to reduce inventory and streamline manufacturing logistics.

Key Features

The main features of the Micro Tape Encoder are:

  • Miniature sensor
  • Wide alignment tolerances
  • Cut-to-length CET scale
  • Top or side mount options
  • No external alignment tools
  • Compact tape scale
  • Status LED in the sensor indicates system health
  • Low power consumption.

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