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iTrans 2 Fixed Gas Detection System

The iTrans 2 fixed gas detector makes use of an intelligent electronics platform that offers one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility, superior performance and lower installation costs.

With the optional HART Communication Protocol, the iTrans 2 offers remote diagnostics, set-up or calibration by superimposing a high-frequency current across the industry standard 4-20mA analog line.

It can detect any gas combination for a specific environment and it makes use of the company-proven smart infrared gas sensor technology and safety features including automatic sensor recognition, access code security, and zero and cal fault protection that are all enclosed within an explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housing.

The microprocessor-controlled transmitters are capable of independent operation or multi-point system configuration. The infrared sensor offers explosive gas detection (methane, butane, propane, ethylene, hexane, etc.) in more severe environmental conditions, where the presence of poisons could harm the use of a catalytic cell.

Furthermore to the LEL sensor range, the iTrans 2 detector can also be configured with a 0-100% volume methane infrared sensor for bio-gas applications and CO2 infrared sensors ranging from 0.5% volume to 100% volume.

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Key Features

The key features of the iTrans 2 are:

  • Detects explosive and toxic gas, or oxygen
  • Non-intrusive calibration
  • Smart infrared gas sensors
  • Hart communication protocol (new)
  • Modbus communication
  • Programmable relays
  • Dual gas sensing.

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