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The CMP Series of Pyranometers from Kipp & Zonen Offer Accurate and Reliable Measurement of Solar Radiation

The CMP 3 is a low-cost pyranometer for precise routine measurements in many applications. CMP6 Pyranometer for good quality measurements for green-house climate control, field testing and PV installations. CMP10 Secondary standard pyranometer with reduced maintenance thanks to its internal desiccant, designed for meteorological networks and solar energy applications.

CMP 11 Pyranometer for Meteorological networks, reference measurements in extreme climates, polar or arid. It is the industry standard for solar radiation monitoring in PV and thermal energy plants. The CMP 21 is a high performance research grade pyranometer, and has full compliance with all ISO 9060:1990 secondary standard Instrument performance criteria (highest possible ISO pyranometer performance category).

The CMP 21 pyranometer is developed for determining the irradiance (radiant flux, Watt/m²) on a plane surface, which results from the direct solar radiation and from the diffuse radiation incident from the hemisphere above. CMP 22 Pyranometer for scientific research requires the highest level of measurement accuracy and reliability.

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