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Vapor Pro Fx Moisture Specific Relative Humidity Sensor Technology

The Vapor Pro Fx moisture analyzer supplied by Arizona Instrument can precisely measure moisture levels in liquids and most oils, down to 10ppm. Test results are obtained within minutes and may be displayed as parts per million moisture, percent moisture, or micrograms of water.

The Fx analyzer uses a sealed flow-path that cleans the system with nitrogen or dry air between tests, thus eliminating moist air from entering or trapping itself within the system.

This process precisely reads moisture content without the addition of ambient air humidity or volatiles burned off during the test. The instrument is supplied with various accessories, such as  a Vapor Pro Fx stand, digital syringe, carrying case assembly and external balance with cable.

Key Features

The main features of the Vapor Pro Fx moisture analyzer are:

  • Automatic, menu driven operation requires minimal user skills
  • No toxic reagents or specialized glassware
  • Security feature restricts access to program and instrument settings
  • Self-diagnostics alert operator of any instrument problems
  • Validation package and validation services available
  • Real-time graph of moisture curve and rate of moisture loss
  • Continuous display of current temperature, test time, current microgram water measurement, programmed test temperature, and calculated moisture content
  • Statistical features calculate mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation (C.V.)
  • Easy setup of product methods to ensure optimum test results
  • Flexible ending criteria to ensure precise test results
  • Programmable temperatures to ±1°C
  • Optional multi-point temperature calibration module utilizes NIST traceable RTD to ±1°C
  • Temperature Calibration Interface (TCI) Module (optional)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (optional)

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