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Accumeasure D Series Amplifier by MTI Instruments

The Accumeasure D series amplifier offered by MTI Instruments uses advanced technology to change a reliable capacitive electric field measurement into a highly accurate 24 bit digital reading. This eliminates errors related to analog filtering, linearization, range extension and the summing of channels to achieve thickness or step measurements.

The Accumeasure D amplifier features a new revolutionary design and its frequency response and averaging are now digitally controlled. MTI Instruments also provides a wide range of probes that can work at multiple ranges via digital range extension.

Key Features

The main features of the Accumeasure D series amplifier are:

  • True Direct Digital Capacitive Displacement Sensor
  • Sub-nanometer resolution
  • Up to 0.01%FSR linearity
  • Interface with NI LabVIEW
  • No need for analog-to-digital converter
  • No additional acquisition hardware required
  • Up to 20kS/sec. on all channels
  • Filter frequency response, sample rate, linearization and averaging are all digitally controlled
  • Connects through LAN or USB - automation friendly
  • Lossless 24bit processing


The applications of the Accumeasure D series amplifier include:

  • Wafer thickness measurement
  • Dual axis run-out and vibration measurement
  • Piezo stage motion control
  • Web or process thickness
Measuring the Step Height Thickness of Non- Woven Conductive Films

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