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Measuring Low Liquid Flow Rates Using a Chemical Resistant Sensor

Sensirion’s LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor is the latest addition to the popular LG16 series. Designed for flow rates of 0-40ml/min, the sensor has a fast response time of 30ms and offers excellent repeatability and remarkable chemical resistance.

The LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor is highly versatile and non-invasive and is ideal for use in fuel cells, dosage control, industrial automation monitoring, and biomedical applications. Additionally, a completely redesigned housing ensures mechanical robustness.

The LS32-1500 sensor provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for measuring low flow rates. The wetted materials contain high-performance PTFE, PEEK and stainless steel, which ensure excellent biocompatibility and chemical resistance. Customized solutions based on the LS32-series are also possible.

Key Features

The main features of the LS32-1500 liquid flow sensor are:

  • Compact and reliable
  • Highly versatile and non-invasive
  • Fast response time
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed for flow rates of 0-40ml/min
  • Excellent repeatability, biocompatibility, and chemical resistance
  • Customized solutions available

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