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High Precision SLI-Flow Meters for Life Science and Automation

The SLI Flow meter features high precision for low flow rates of liquids based on hydrocarbons such as alcohols, solvents, fuel, oil and adhesives or water. Precise monitoring of highly dynamic processes such as fast dosing operations is enabled by the short response time and high precision of SLI flow meters. The device is highly reliable and works without any moving components, non-invasively measuring through the wall of a straight flow path. By using highly inert and bio-compatible materials such as glass, PEEK and Teflon, ultimate media compatibility of all wetted parts are ensured.

Robust RS485 communication and a smart digital interface is offered for bus and long distance capability. It is possible to automatically determine the total dispensed volume. At any time, the actual dispensed volume is available.

Key Features

The key features of the SLI flow meters are:

  • Three flow ranges available, from microliters to milliliters
  • For flow rates of water-based liquids, it is up to 5ml/min
  • For flow rates of hydrocarbons, it is up to 80ml/min
  • Precision is better than 1% of the measured value
  • Highest sensitivity down to <1µl/min
  • The response time is 30 ms
  • Has a smart RS485 digital interface
  • No moving components, straight flow path and excellent media compatibility
  • Wetted materials glass, PEEK and Teflon only (inert, bio-compatible)
  • Maximum working pressure up to 100bar (1500psi) depending on flow range


The applications of the SLI flow meters are:

  • General process monitoring
  • Pump control
  • Monitoring of fuel flow
  • Lubricants dosage monitoring
  • Monitoring of spray coating
  • Leakage detection

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