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Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 for Precise Air Measurement

The CMOSens Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 has been developed for anaesthesia equipment and measures air and other non-aggressive gases. The wide dynamic measuring ranges from up to 20slm. A digital i2c interface is provided with the sensor unit. The interface enables a fully calibrated and temperature compensated output signal, and operates reliably at pressures of up to 7bar.

The SFM4100 features long term stability making it the first choice for products requiring a high rate of deployment with long service intervals. In each sensor device, more than one gas calibration can be stored simultaneously. The self test feature permits testing of the entire signal chain from capture of the analogue signal through digital signal chain while the mass flow meter is in use. Thus the SFM4100 is an optimal solution for safety-critical applications.

Key Features

The key features of the Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 are:

  • Measurement of flow rates from 0 to 20l/min
  • No drift
  • Wide dynamic range (1:100)
  • Digital I²C interface
  • Digitally calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Multigas Option


The applications of the Mass Flow Meter SFM4100 are:

  • Anaesthesia and other medical instruments
  • Analytical equipment
  • Process automation

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